I hope that when you look back on 2014, you realize how much of a f***ing badass you were! Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. One of my proudest achievements this year was reaching my heaviest squat at 225lbs! As you set your fitness intentions for 2015, it is important to define specific short term and long term goals rather than empty resolutions. Instead of saying "this year I am going to lose 10 pounds" set a goal for yourself and put together a plan to achieve it! Do you want to increase your endurance? Sign up for that 5k in April. Do you want to finally perfect a pull-up? Start targeting your lats.  You can achieve whatever you set your mind to! 

Many of my clients tell me their New Year's goal is to get my Butler booty. I thought this would be a great time to share some of my favorite bootylicious moves!

Squats Squats Squats!!!

You probably already know that squats are essential when it comes to tightening, lifting and perking up your behind. I encourage you to add weights into the mix this year to see some serious results. Try holding a dumbbell at your chest or adding weights to a barbell on your upper back (#beastmode).





Step Ups/ Box Jumps / Deadlifts / Kettlebell Swings

These moves are all great ways to add definition to your tush. Try these two supersets:

A) 12-15 Weighted Step-ups (Right and Left)

B) 12- 15 Box Jumps                                      ...x 3

A) 12-15 Stiff Leg Deadlifts

B) 12-15 Kettlebell Swings                           ...x 3